Feng Shui Secrets for the tube

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Feng Shui Secrets for the tube, Luxury House Design, House Design, Interior House Design
Feng Shui Secrets for the tube

State capital city framed by tubular, so as the original layout without notice window layout system (gas export) for the logical flow will affect the distribution of indoor air, poor lighting and poor ventilation. Townhouses along a front, if open during the identical floor will harmonize yin and yang deficiency, because a higher, out in the sun and wind will be different from the lower half hidden by trees or works nearby. Therefore, it should be based on the actual distribution of space to store. When the door (especially doors) open the way bad news is that it will lead to the other disadvantages. For example, the direction of intense sunlight or dust vehicles regularly, should be restricted to open and use the sun visor to create padding.

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