Building the kitchen to get your spouse’s age

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Building the kitchen to get your spouse’s age, Luxury House Design, House Design, Interior House Design
Building the kitchen to get your spouse’s age

On the other hand, I set the kitchen cabinets in the house but mostly for cooking in a kitchen other than the open field behind it have any effect on feng shui reasonable? (Ta Thanh Minh, Road 23, residing as same residential area, District 2, HCMC). In the Service of the East with the conventional view in Feng Shui is the positive scouts, corresponding to the positive men, as a basis for calculating the age, location, directions to the components shop, kitchen, altar of … house. This may sound like “male-supremacy mentality” but it was actually a very logical characteristics of this ancient culture Vietnam: the old uniform for a conventional home, not split complex. The calculation of the direction towards the kitchen under the age of the man s head in the family (but not through record collection, which is outside the 60-year-old is regarded as the … retirement to rest, to make arrangements for the children) as well as the management of hierarchies and the development of the family. But the phrase “house men, women, the kitchen” as we heard of or reminded about the division of labor and the role of each gender in family activities, not the age of the mother, the wife … like or some people think, or who was cooking, the kitchen under the direction of calculating it. Because if so, probably have some of the old … maids are always reasonable?

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